The Sun bather our planet every day with enormour amounts of energy, an energy that will not run out. A small part of this energy feeds life on our planet, but the vast majority return to space, wasted. However, people have found a way to take advantage of the sun´s rays and thus generate electricity and heat, even if it is only a tiny fraction of the energy that our star gives us daily.

At Tehisu we are committed to taking advantage of this clean inexhaustible and free energy source, either to transform it into heat or electricity through the installation of Solar thermal or photovoltaic panels.

How would society change if we knew how to take better advantage of the sun?

If its energy could be better used, the economy would change radically: society would no longer depend on finite and concentrated energy sources in the hands of a few. It could also reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, and therefore decrease climate change.

At Tehisu we want to continue growing and betting on renewable energy, clean energy, respectful with the environment, inexhaustible and inexpensive. We carry out all kinds of solar installations:

  • Thermal installations: Solar thermal energy consists of harnessing the energy of the sun to produce heat that can be used to produce hot water for domestic water consumption. We install equipment based on the thermosiphon principle, economic and with a simple installation or forced equipment, in which the accumulator is far from the solar collectors and that require the installation of a hydraulic group
  • Pool heating: Another way to take advantage of solar energy is to install solar panels to heat the water in our pool and use it in months when the temperature is not so pleasant.
  • Photovoltaic installations: Photovoltaic solar energy is a source of energy that produces electricity of renewable origin, obtained directly from solar radiation using a semiconductor device called a photovoltaic cell. We can make an energy study and based on it suggest which would be the recommended installation.
  • Solar well pumping: Solar well pumping is an ideal solution in isolated areas where we do not have connection to the electricity grid. Depending on the depth of the well and the necessary water flow, the most suitable type of pump must be chosen. Solar pumping has multiple applications in rural areas. It is common in mountain homes without connection to the network for pumping for domestic consumption, in animal farms and troughs far from grid connection points, etc.

300 Liter thermosiphon kit for HSW

Pool heating

2 kW photovoltaic kit for self-consumption

You can consult us without obligation; Our technical team can help you find a solution that meets your energy needs.