Renewable Energy

Together we can build a sustainable future

Photovoltaic Installations

Photovoltaic solar energy is a source of energy produced sources, directly from solar radiation (the sun), a renewable source of energy thanks to a semiconductor device "the photovoltaic cell".
We can prepare an energy study which will suggest the best installation for you.

"At Tehisu, it´s our aim to take advantage of this clean energy, inexhaustible and free, transformed either in heat or electricity from solar photovoltaic or solar thermal panels."


At Tehisu we are specialists in the sale, installation and maintenance of equipment based on fuel from renewable resources.

Aerothermal Energy

Enjoy Even temperatures all year round!
Our heat pumps are based on aerothermal collection, they use inexhaustible energy: "The air", they do not generate CO2 emissions, it´s and there fore help to reduce greenhouse emissions.

" In just one installation you can integrate heat, cold and sanitary water production."