Solar Panels

Solar energy is a renewable energy source because of its inexhaustible supply, and it´s our choice to take advantage of it.

Offer price  : € 46 month VAT included

300 Liter thermosiphon kit for HSW

Offer price: € 1.690 VAT included

Pellet Stoves / Inserts

The air pellet stoves generate energy by burning the biomass (compressed hard wood pellets) and then, the heat is transmited to the air by a high efficiency exchanger propelled by a convector (air blower) towards the room to be heated.

Ketty Extraflame 6,5 kW pellet stove

Offer price: 1.395 VAT included

Vigo III Ecoforest 9,5 kW pellet stove

Offer price: € 2.060 VAT included

Ecofeu 7 kW pellet stove

Offer price: € 1.295 VAT included

Cordoba Ecoforest 12 kW pellet insert

Offer price: 3.739 VAT included

Atenas Ecoforest 14 kW pellet stove

Offer price: € 2.990 VAT included

Venecia Ecoforest 14 kW pellet stove

Offer price: € 4.350 VAT included

Wood Stoves / Inserts

Both, fireplaces and modern stoves are sophisticated units that generate heat thanks to the combustion of a raw material, there are natural or forced convection.

Isotta La Nordica 11,9 kW wood stove

Offer price: € 1.950 VAT included

70 L Ventilato La Nordica 9 kW wood insert

Offer price: 1.230 VAT included

All our prices subject to change without notice.